SWAN is an ethical clothing brand that I started working on late in 2018. I decided to create SWAN after searching for t-shirts with geometric designs of animals. I didn't find much that I liked so I designed a few of my own. I have tried to make as many of our products as possible from organic materials because I want SWAN to be as ethical and sustainable as possible. Unfortunately not every product is made this way, this is because we are only a small company. Therefore the costs associated with creating some of the products organically would have caused the end product to be way too expensive. This doesn't mean that the products will never be organic, as SWAN grows, I will be looking to get those non-organic products created organically.

I also want charity to be a big part of SWAN. Most designs that I create have a story behind them, and this story relates to a charity. A percentage of the revenue from each design will go to a charity related to the design. Currently, this is only 5%, but I am aiming to grow this percentage as the brand grows.

If you want to know more about SWAN and see the designs, then go to swanclo.com.